Accepting How Your Body Changes

Why doesn’t my body look the same as it did 10 years ago?

YOU CHANGE. That’s why.
how to accept body changes - maura chick, self love specialist, smiling in black lingerie

Sounds simple, yes. But this is a hard concept for people to grasp because 1) they don’t like change; 2) hate the way their body has adapted; 3) we constantly compare ourselves to what we looked like years ago. 

You, as a person, change and evolve. Think about to the person you were 10-15 years ago. Have you grown up, gotten more responsible, learned new things, changed jobs, had a family, challenged yourself? Your life changed. YOU CHANGED. So, why shouldn’t your body do the same thing?

Stop expecting your body to stay the same as you go through each of life’s experience. As we deal with the stress of life and the situations we handle, we change emotionally, spiritually and even physically. Yes, our bodies deal with all the things we throw at them, and they WILL CHANGE.

We will continually evolve and change throughout life. We are never meant to stay the same. That includes your body.



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