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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
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Maura Chick is a passionately
committed business consultant

who mentors business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve clarity, direction and focus with their business goals

Let’s get down to business

Maura is personally devoted to her diverse portfolio of client’s businesses as if it was her own. Each client’s unique wants/needs are considered as Maura designs their personalized business plan. Whether you are seeking growth, a successful plan to rebrand or to take your business to the next level-Maura can get you there!
This unique mentoring partnership promotes an environment where the client determines the purpose and direction of each mentoring session. Maura will explore specific needs, motivations and desires to help you create lasting change in yourself and your business.

Maura will deliver the action plans to achieve your goals and most importantly, she will hold you accountable! With the personally developed plan for each client, there will be continuous assessment of your progress, measured by the goals you have set for yourself. Maura will assist you to maintain the motivation and commitment needed to achieve your desired outcome!

Your commitment to your business, paired with a creative and intuitive business mentor like Maura, will soon have you progressing far beyond what you could achieve in years of working at this alone. She is here to support and encourage but also to give you a concise roadmap to your dream life!


You belong here!

This is your space – for believing in yourself, your potential and the understanding of who you really are. As you journey toward greatness, your potential will be revealed as you push past all barriers that have held you back. New beginnings await as your create a beautifully intentional life.

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