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Designed with you in mind to help on your journey to self love

Programs with Maura

Online, self-guided programs are available to work at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Everything you need for each task will be provided in electronic format with clear instructions on how to get the most value from each exercise without having to attend meetings or events.



 Best You Yet

Over the course of 8 weekly challenges, learn actionable tasks that you can implement to continue a path of self love. Release the bad, rejoice in the positive and live an amazing life as the wonderful woman you are!

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 Dear Friend,
What I want you to know

In this program, you will be writing letters to your best friend. With each journaling exercise you will be given a look inside your best friend’s truest thoughts with a prompt or question that she has about herself. Write with love and intention. You have the power to heal this woman’s heart, starting with your words.

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In this 10 part video series, Maura will dive deep with you in identifying the hurt, dealing with the pain you feel, and working your way to releasing those experiences from your past to move forward in peace.

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Self Discovery

Each month, you will take a deeper step into discovering the joys of your heart and soul. You will journey to acknowledge what might be holding you back from living your truth to finding out what you love to learning the desires of your heart. You will take steps each month to truly reconnect with yourself.

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Fill Your Soul

Do you desire a deeper connection to yourself?
With the Fill Your Soul Program you will spend 30-60 minutes per week on various exercises. Some will be fun, some will make you think and others will stretch you completely. This journey is yours. Invest in yourself and make a shift and Fill Your Soul!

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Courses with Maura

Are you ready to own who you are and stand at the top of the mountain claiming confidence for you? In this comprehensive self-confidence course, Maura will guide you through various learning modules and provide you with the exercises that will help you kick your self-doubt to the curb and walk though life confident in every endeavor you face! Helping you shape a full and complete picture of the amazing woman you are will allow you to let your confidence be the guiding force in your life.






Self Confidence Course

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Workshops with Maura

Explore new ideas and opportunities to give back to yourself in a real and meaningful way. Maura Chick’s workshops will spark your interest and leave you with a desire to dig deeper. With a limited number of attendees, workshops are intimately designed to teach by engaging participants with activities through group discussion, journaling, guided meditation, personal and group exercises. Expect a productive, interactive and memorable experience! The atmosphere we create is safe and sacred for each participant to immerse in their personal work. It is also fun and relaxed, allowing you to connect with other women while investing in yourself.


The Body Breakthrough

A Body Image Workshop

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Body Bullshit

Advanced Body Image

Retreats with Maura

If you desire a deeper connection with yourself by finding your true aspirations for your life, then healing and rediscovery await you!
Maura Chick has designed a program to allow you to connect with your intuition and inner strength while in a beautiful environment that
nourishes your mind, body and soul. Meticulously planned, each detail of your retreat is designed to be an optimal space to heal, rejuvenate, learn, be inspired and grow. By stepping outside of your normal routine, you are able to disconnect from everyday stressors and reconnect with the parts of yourselves that are sometimes forgotten. We are not trying to be someone else, rather, we are uncovering what already exists and lies within. Celebrate yourself, be supported and inspired to embrace and love yourself just as you are. Make a lasting transformation with your thoughts and actions towards yourself and others.






Self Compassion Retreat





You belong here!

This is your space – for believing in yourself, your potential and the understanding of who you really are. As you journey toward greatness, your potential will be revealed as you push past all barriers that have held you back. New beginnings await as your create a beautifully intentional life.

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