Still facing body shaming

It has been two weeks since I shared my body shaming story and the response to the incident. It all started because I wore this piece of lingerie that I felt amazing in and someone disagreed with my choice and said fat isn’t sexy. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, scroll back on my page)

Since those two weeks I have received lots of comments ..


“Fat pig.”
“Put some clothes on.”
“No one wants to see this.”
“She’d be pretty if you lost weight.”
“I agree with the woman – that’s not sexy.”

Many others were encouraging and supportive.

I have a choice to make. Which comments will I allow into my head space?

how to deal with body shaming, maura chick in lingerie

You can be absolutely confident in who you are but these kind of comments will still sting a little. The difference is that I don’t let that sting last for long. It’s like getting your ears pierced. It hurts for a few seconds then move on. That’s a choice I make when I read comments, because I know that my body isn’t for anyone else but me…and maybe to a greater extent to the women that look like me.

I share about these experiences because it’s important to call this stuff out and make a stand for people who don’t yet have the courage to do so. I will be that voice until you feel strong enough to do so. I have a thick enough skin to be able to withstand the comments that will always be thrown at me when I put myself out there. I will not, however, sit idly by while others make negative comments about my body without knowing a thing about me. Body shaming and fat phobia is a real problem in our society right now, and I choose to fight that with my words, my heart, and even my body.

Please begin to think about what your body shaming and fat phobic comments do to those around you. Not just the people they are directed to but those listening, watching, and even reading comments. I assure you that for every person you direct these comments to, there are 10 others just reading your comments who get hurt because they too look like me.



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