The Confidence Climb isn’t just a course; it’s your personal journey to unshakable
self-confidence. Imagine a life where you step into any situation with unwavering belief
in yourself no matter what obstacles come your way. This course is designed to help you cultivate deep-rooted confidence that remains steadfast, regardless of what you look like
on the outside.
Are you ready to make that vision your reality?

With The Confidence Climb, Maura becomes your empowering guide, leading you through transformative learning modules designed to obliterate self-doubt and unlock your full potential. Each exercise is carefully crafted to propel you forward, equipping you with the self-belief to conquer any challenge. It’s time to embrace the incredible woman you are, recognizing that confidence isn’t just a trait; it’s a life-altering force. Your journey to boundless self-confidence starts here.

Enroll today and watch your life transform as you ascend to new heights of self-assuredness.
Your future self is waiting to thank you for this decision.

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Maura is holding nothing back in the course. You will single-handedly release the years of shame, self-hate and guilt you have placed on your self.


You will FINALLY stop questioning you worth by BELIEVING that you are enough.

I wanted to gain a better understanding as to why I am lacking in confidence. I know that my feelings are valid (because well, you [Maura] yell it all the time at me… with love), but my life is good, great actually, but I still struggle with confidence. I love that we are encouraged to embrace our feelings and not compare ourselves with other women. We are who we are, and we feel how we feel. The course was a great opportunity to not only gain a better understanding of my feelings, but face them and work on improving my struggles.

Elle K.

What is The Confidence Climb all about?

Life is a journey filled with peaks and valleys, high points and low points. It’s a climb, not a linear path. The same holds true for The Confidence Climb. Just like ascending a mountain, you’ll experience highs and lows, but each step is essential to your personal growth.

Throughout this course, you’ll embark on a transformative journey. We’ll delve into areas of your life that you may have hidden for too long or parts of yourself that you’ve been hesitant to confront. Together, we’ll dismantle these barriers, address your concerns, and construct a powerful confidence resume.

Too often, women invest excessive energy into changing their external selves, believing it’s the key to happiness, confidence, and self-worth. However, true confidence only emerges when we focus on nurturing our internal selves. When was the last time you took a moment to care for your heart, mind, and soul? The Confidence Climb invites you to do just that. It’s time to embark on an inner journey that will forever transform your confidence and self-belief. Are you ready to prioritize your authentic self and uncover the unwavering confidence that lies within you?

What topics will the course cover? 

Absolutely everything!


The Confidence Climb is aptly named because it’s a comprehensive journey that touches on every facet of self-confidence.

Here’s a glimpse of the key topics we’ll explore:

  • Self-assessment: Understanding your starting point and where you aspire to be
  • Taming the inner critic: Recognizing the negative self-talk and transforming it
  • Cultivating positive thinking: Boosting your outlook on life
  • Comparison: Diving deep into how it affects your confidence
  • Overcoming perfectionism: Letting go of unrealistic expectations
  • Building a healthier body image: Loving and respecting your physical self
  • Conquering your fears: Taking bold steps toward growth
  • Establishing boundaries: Nurturing self-respect
  • Earning the respect you deserve

And the best part? You don’t overwhelm yourself with all these topics at once. The course is thoughtfully structured, broken down into bite-sized modules, and accompanied by videos and a downloadable workbook. You’ll work through each topic methodically and discuss it in the Facebook group or during our pre-planned monthly calls, allowing you to dig deep and integrate the learnings.

The Confidence Climb brings together all the knowledge, insights, and practices needed for you to experience a profound transformation in your self-confidence. Maura has meticulously curated this course, offering you a proven path to authentic and enduring confidence.

Consider this: You invest your time, money, and energy in beauty treatments, fitness regimes, and cosmetic products. While they provide temporary boosts of confidence, their effects are fleeting. It’s time to invest in a lasting shift in your confidence that will remain unwavering, regardless of your exterior appearance. Join us on this journey to discover a confidence that’s firmly rooted in your true self.


Over the last two years I’ve been pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to grow as a woman. Confidence is something I struggle with, so having a course and community group where I could have help digging deeper into where exactly I struggle, have prompts that cause me to think about myself in different situations and get suggestions to learn how to improve or start working through those areas was a must for me to participate in.

Megan B.

The Confidence Climb Course Includes:


 Confidence Modules
(details below)


for each Module 


 Video Instructions


Monthly Pre-planned Coaching Calls
with Maura


Confidence Exercises


Members Only Facebook Group

Lifetime Access to Course

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Each week of The Confidence Climb’s 7-week journey, Maura will guide you through a series of eye-opening self-confidence concepts. With each concept, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the struggles that have held you back. Maura will provide you with the tools and insights you need to make the necessary adjustments and move boldly toward a life brimming with confidence.


Throughout the course, you’ll engage in transformational work:

• You’ll challenge long-held beliefs that may have limited your self-confidence.

• We’ll work together on silencing that relentless, negative inner critic.

• You’ll release the years of guilt, shame, and self-loathing that have weighed you down.

• Finally, you’ll emerge from this journey with the confidence to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. It’s not just about feeling 100% authentic, 100% loved, and 100% worthy; it’s about living and thriving with that undeniable self-belief. Your journey towards true self-confidence starts right here.


Your authentic self and true potential is waiting to be discovered. Let’s take this journey together.

How Lack Of Confidence Shows Up In Your Life

Many women are curious about how a lack of confidence manifests in their lives, and while some may instinctively sense the missing piece of life’s puzzle, others might not fully grasp the extent of its impact.

Here are a few thought-provoking ways to help you identify the signs:

  • Continuously striving to change your body in a quest for confidence (shedding that belly fat, hiding stretch marks, losing those extra pounds, etc).
  • Toxic relationships that drain your energy and self-esteem.
  • A fear of vulnerability, always concealing your weaknesses.
  • An ongoing habit of avoiding and running from your true emotions.
  • Unrelenting self-doubt, consistently questioning if you are enough.
  • Falling into the comparison trap, constantly measuring yourself against others.
  • Seeking validation and approval from others to feel worthwhile.
  • Uncertain about the unique value you bring to the world.
  • Chasing perfection in every aspect of your life.
  • Allowing others to take advantage of you, becoming a perpetual ‘Yes’ woman.
  • Keeping your true thoughts and feelings hidden, never asking for help.
  • Battling guilt every time you take a moment for yourself.

Recognizing these signs is the first step to transforming your life and unlocking the powerful self-confidence you deserve.

Five Comprehensive Self Confidence Modules

The course is divided into 5 sections each designed to help you progress up Confidence Mountain.  Each week, aside from the two break weeks built into the course, a new module will be released in full. Each module contains the video lessons as well as the workbook for the corresponding module. 

Module 1


Before you can truly make a shift in your confidence you have to bring awareness to where you are right now and identify what is truly holding you back from being a strong, confident woman.  In this first part of the course, you are going to evaluate your current level of confidence and satisfaction in different areas of your life.

Module 2


It’s time for some extensive reflection on what has brought you to this point, and set about on a journey to take a closer look at some of the genuinely wonderful things about you.  These are the first steps you will take to 1) truly see the thoughts that are driving your ability to be confident; 2) build the factual case for your confidence.

Module 3

Making Shift

You will be provided with some quick tips to increase your confidence, given a methodology to allow for 15 minutes of pure confidence every day, bring into focus a bigger picture of yourself as you think of your impact to others, and finally start to shift the negative self talk that never seems to stop.  This is called the meat and potatoes – it’s the biggest module of the course. 

Module 4

Body Confidence

The goal should be for you to take a broader picture of yourself so that your entire confidence doesn’t hang in the balance of your body.  If you do this effectively, when your body changes, your confidence remains.  Your body is not YOU, it is simply a part of you – a small part of you at that.  Your body is not the problem.  The way you think about your body IS the problem.  This module will help shift your body confidence.


Module 5


In the final section of the course, you are going to do some profound work on your confidence.  The strategies provided within this module will have a lasting impact as you move forward into confidence, and they will be some of the most challenging exercises you will complete throughout the course.  Not because they are difficult to do but because they require you to be very honest with yourself.  

Here’s what people are saying about
The Confidence Climb Course

I started to forgive myself for things in the past that I was holding onto. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders that was holding back my confidence. Just facing those problems and writing about them made me feel better. I loved taking this course! It covered so many different struggles with confidence that it fits everyone’s needs. I found out I struggled with things, that I didn’t even realize I struggled with. I found myself no longer alone in these struggles. Most importantly, I found the capability to forgive myself, and love who I am, and am still becoming. Thank you for putting in all your hard work, love, and dedication to designing this course to help women!

Elle K.

Seeing what Maura has in store to help build my confidence has me excited for this life changing opportunity! She has it so easily laid out, it’s concise and I am ready to dive in.  I actually didn’t realize how much I need this in my life UNTIL I NEEDED it.  Having a new perspective, her strategies, and ongoing supporting will change everything for me!

Megan C.

I want to have confidence in all areas of my life. I have a big struggle with my body image/confidence. As well as, not being confident in areas, outside of my career.

Two things for me stand out.

Asking what others love about me. Most of the time we go every day talking to friends or family about anything & everything on the surface. However, when dig deeper & you ask those close to you what they love about you. it makes it come to light truly what others see that you don’t. We’re amazing!!

Second would be thanking myself in a thank you letter. We all have a never ending to-do list with multiple things on our plates to do, but we never stop & say “WOW!! Thank you for doing that task!” By sitting down & writing a thank you letter to myself. It made me feel empowered, fierce, unstoppable & confident!

Megan B.

Who is Maura Chick?

As a woman who lacked confidence most of her life, Maura struggled to see the beautiful bright woman within.  With a continued effort to change her body in order to have confidence in herself, she never felt good enough, was riddled with self doubt and stifled herself at every turn.


At the end of her rope, knowing that there must be more out there, she took massive action in her life.  As she worked to develop a complete and total picture of herself, she now stands confident in herself in every part of life (whether she’s clothed or not!).  She is ready to share all the struggles and strategies with those in The Confidence Clique.  She’s one heck of a Sherpa to guide you on your Climb to Confidence!”


Maura is a certified self love life coach, a licensed body positive facilitator and a boudoir photographer who has worked with hundreds of women to help them transform the relationship they have with themselves.  Your life can be transformed by having the confidence Maura feels for herself.  What she built for herself, she wants for you too!  She is holding nothing back in helping you be an unstoppable force!

Your future self will thank you!

I understand that facing your struggles and life issues can be intimidating. You might be afraid of what could surface, believe that this aspect of life doesn’t trouble you (even when it does), or find it hard to imagine feeling differently about yourself. However, this journey is a valuable opportunity that will have a lasting impact on your life.

This is YOUR moment. Stop wasting time on what doesn’t matter, and seize this chance to concentrate on what truly counts. Maura will be there every step of the way, offering gentle guidance, motivation when needed, a caring heart to help you through the deep valleys, and a cheerleader to celebrate your triumphs at the mountaintop. It’s right here, waiting for you to claim it. Secure your spot NOW! This marks a fresh beginning for you, and you won’t regret it!

Don’t let another day slip by…

Imagine waking up in the morning and confidently gazing at yourself in the mirror, fully appreciating the remarkable woman looking back at you. You’re no longer bound by the shackles of self-doubt, comparison, or the relentless pursuit of perfection. Your heart is free, your mind is at ease, and your soul radiates with authentic self-love.

No more toxic relationships, no more hiding your vulnerabilities, and no more chasing external validations. It’s time to shed the weight of self-judgment, guilt, and shame that’s held you captive for far too long. You’ll step into the world with unwavering self-worth, ready to create the life you’ve always envisioned.

You’re not alone in this journey. Maura will be your guide, mentor, and biggest supporter. She’ll lead you through each module, providing you with the tools, knowledge, and unwavering encouragement you need. This course isn’t just about change; it’s about transformation. It’s about becoming 100% authentic, 100% loved, and 100% worthy.

Enroll now and invest in yourself.  Give yourself the gift of confidence, self-love, and self-worth. The power to shape your life is in your hands, and the time to begin is right now. Secure your spot and embark on a life-changing adventure that your future self will truly cherish. Don’t let another day slip by without taking action. Enroll today and embark on your own Confidence Climb. Your brighter, more confident future awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of time investment is involved?

How about the length of any good Netflix binge watching endeavor?!? 

About 2-3 hours per week, depending on how in depth you want to go with the reflections as well as your participation in the weekly coaching calls and in the members group. 

When are the monthly coaching calls?

These are pre-planned monthly if there are questions on the course materials or confidence concepts.  You can always connect in the Facebook group between meetings.

All calls are recorded and placed in the course materials for future reference.

What if I fall behind your pace?

Understandable!  This is a go at your own pace kind of program because you have lifetime access to the course. 

When will all the Modules be released?

Immediately upon enrollment, you will receive access to the Introduction Module of the course and the exclusive course Facebook group, so you can jump right in.

Each Monday, except for the two break weeks, a new module will be released.

The break weeks allow for some breathing room after some of the larger course modules.  We will still have coaching calls on the break weeks.

What happens when the course is over?

Patience, young grasshopper! There will be a way to get continued confidence strategies and personal coaching with Maura.

Enrollment is Open!

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You belong here!

This is your space – for believing in yourself, your potential and the understanding of who you really are. As you journey toward greatness, your potential will be revealed as you push past all barriers that have held you back. New beginnings await as your create a beautifully intentional life.

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